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Veronika is based in Wellington, New Zealand and has an extensive background in working with NZ Government organisations in NZ and overseas. Veronika has worked on NZ Government projects in various capacities – starting as a business analyst, then progressing to the Project and Programme Management roles, later becoming a Senior Projects Advisor whilst gaining her PRINCE2® Practitioner and shortly after a PRINCE2 Trainer and MSP® Practitioner certifications.

In Project and Programme Management roles Veronika was responsible for tailoring PRINCE2 to the needs of the projects and the organisation, then putting the method in practice. This also involved extensive education of the major project and programme stakeholders about their roles and responsibilities as well as the project lifecycle, processes and management documentation.

As a Senior Projects Advisor Veronika was responsible for embedding PRINCE2 as the mandated Project Management methodology across a government organisation. This included providing PRINCE2 training and education to not only project and programme managers and coordinators but also to first, second and third tier managers. Veronika has a deep understanding of challenges of embedding and implementation of PRINCE2 in government environment. Veronika has been successfully delivering PRINCE2 training courses since 2007 and regularly attracting outstanding evaluations from course delegates.

In addition to the role of a Trainer, Veronika also acts as Regional Manager representing ALC Group in New Zealand.

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