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DevOps, The Phoenix Project, ITIL

Rob England is an internationally-recognised thought leader in DevOps and IT Service Management (ITSM). The author of seven books and many articles, he is an acknowledged contributor to The DevOps Handbook, and to ITIL (2011 Service Strategy book).

Rob is best known for his controversial blog and alter-ego, the IT Skeptic which has over 7 million page views, tens of thousands of regular readers worldwide evenly spread across the USA, Europe and Asia/Pacific, winner of Computer Weekly UK 2010 award for best "IT consultant and analyst" blog.

Rob is also a regular speaker at international conferences. He was voted the best speaker at the 2011 itSMFnz national conference and voted the most popular speaker at the TFT12 world-wide online conference. He has a Klout of 66 as at October 2014. Four conferences and four webinars have invited him to speak multiple times.

Rob’s business motto is "Sensible Business Practices". He has a reputation for “telling it how it is” and for his orientation to find the best practical solutions and work through the barriers and politics to get to the strategic goal.

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