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Presented by

Andrew Townley

Leading world authority on the integration of SABSA and TOGAF

The fundamental goal of enterprise architecture is the enablement of business by providing a lasting foundation for business execution. However, you can’t enable business if you don’t understand that business is about taking manageable risks to seize opportunities. To do this successfully, you need a systematic, reliable and robust way to integrate risk and opportunity management into your architecture.

In this unique 2-day course, you will learn how to successfully combine proven concepts and techniques from the SABSA® framework for creating enterprise security architectures with the latest features of TOGAF® to enable business by creating secure enterprise architectures designed to manage risk and capture opportunities.

Through a combination of classroom lecture and practical, hands-on exercises, course participants will gain an appreciation and understanding of how to augment TOGAF with SABSA artifacts and techniques—not only to create security architectures, but also to create stronger and more aligned overall enterprise architectures.

Learning outcomes

The learninbg objectives of this course are:

  • Understand how SABSA compliments TOGAF to deliver more robust and secure enterprise architectures
  • Explain how risk and opportunities are the most fundamental business drivers
  • Describe the foundations, motivations and origins of the SABSA framework
  • Illustrate the key integration points between SABSA and TOGAF in terms of the ADM and the Content Metamodel
  • Apply the SABSA Business Attribute Profiling technique to requirements management
  • Deliver better business and technology alignment through application of the SABSA Business Attribute Profile
  • Apply SABSA Business Attributes to help create a proactive foundation for business execution
  • Understand how risk and opportunity based analysis create more secure architectures
  • Apply core SABSA concepts and techniques beyond the development of security architectures

Who should attend

The course is designed for:

  • TOGAF & Enterprise Architects will learn to combine TOGAF with SABSA to create through-life, secure enterprise architectures from vision to operations
  • SABSA & Security Architects will learn to combine SABSA with TOGAF to create through-life, secure enterprise architectures from strategy to service management
  • Business Managers & Strategy Planners will learn to access and apply the world’s leading business-driven architectural method to ensure IT, security & risk value for your enterprise
  • Risk Management Professionals will enable business through the most proven risk and opportunity based enterprise architecture method
  • Audit, Compliance & Governance Professionals will provide assurance to stakeholders that IT, security and risk architecture and processes are business-driven, fit-for-purpose, complete and robust
  • Service Management Professionals will learn to design, deliver and define performance targets for a service catalogue that fully and traceably meets your stakeholders’ business requirements
  • Project Management Professionals will learn to leverage the world’s leading architectural method to embed security and risk solutions in architecture strategy, establishment and migration
  • Business Architects will learn to traceably map strategic goals and key business decisions to the processes, products and services required to implement and deliver them

Course contents

1. Enterprise Architecture as the foundation for business execution

  • What is a foundation for execution?
  • Why build a foundation for execution?
  • What’s the relationship between strategy and execution?

2. Understanding the influence of operational risk on business execution

  • What is operational risk?
  • Where does operational risk come from?
  • What assets does operational risk affect?
  • How can we effectively manage operational risk?

3. Overview of the SABSA Framework

  • Where did SABSA come from?
  • What are the core concepts in SABSA?
  • How is SABSA used to deliver security architectures?
  • How is SABSA related to other frameworks and standards?
  • Who uses SABSA?

4. Using the SABSA Business Attributes Profile

  • How do business attributes help requirements management?
  • How do you create business attributes?
  • How do you organise business attributes?
  • How do you use business attributes?
  • What is an attributes profile?
  • How do attributes relate to operational risk?

5. Aligning SABSA and TOGAF

  • SABSA lifecycle vs. TOGAF ADM
  • SABSA artifacts vs. TOGAF Content Metamodel
  • From separate enterprise and security architectures to a secure enterprise architecture

6. Integrating SABSA concepts, activities and artifacts into the ADM

  • Preliminary Phase
  • Requirements Management
  • Architecture Vision Phase
  • Business Architecture Phase
  • Information Systems Architectures Phase
  • Technology Architecture Phase
  • Opportunities and Solutions Phase
  • Migration Planning Phase
  • Implementation Governance Phase
  • Architecture Change Management Phase

Course fees

Face-to-face classroom training


Fees A$ per person

Securing Your TOGAF® Environment (2 days)
$1490 + gst

1.  Discounts apply for multiple enrolments:
2 registrations          10%
3 registrations          15%
4 or more                  20%

2.  Special rates apply if you enrol in both this course and our TOGAF Level 1 & Level 2 Certificate course.

Contact ALC for details.


There are no exams associated with this course.


There are no mandatory pre-requisites to attend this course.  However, to get full value from the course it is desirable that participants have at least a reasonable knowledge of TOGAF.  If you are uncertain about your TOGAF knowledge you should consider taking at least the Foundation module of our TOGAF Level 1 & Level 2 Certificate course.