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Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®), developed by the Consortium for Service Innovation, is a methodology and a set of processes and industry-recognised best practices that leverage knowledge as a key asset of the support organisation.

Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®) is proven to allow service and support organisations to significantly improve service levels to customers, gain operational efficiencies, and increase the organisation’s value to the company through knowledge management.

Consortium for Service Innovation

The Consortium is a non-profit alliance of service and support organisations focused on innovation around customer engagement, productivity, and success. The Consortium includes leading organisations such as Oracle, ServiceNow, Dell Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent.

[su_trainers_box_top title="KCS® Academy"]ALC has partnered with Aprill Allen to deliver the KCS® Knowledge Centered Service v6 Practices Course. Aprill is endorsed by the KCS Academy to deliver these workshops.


The KCS® Workshop

If you’re considering launching KCS, tuning up your KM (Knowledge Management) processes, or bringing a colleague up to speed, this intensive workshop will provide the needed insights and skills. Conducted over 2 days and taught by KCS v6 Certified trainers, the workshop provides a thorough coverage of KCS theory and practice and is excellent preparation for the optional KCS v6 Practices Certification exam, which can be taken separately after the course.

During this workshop, participants will learn:

  • An understanding of the key deliverables required to implement KCS
  • Best practices for measuring knowledge activity, performance, and value
  • Techniques for ensuring knowledge base quality without review queues
  • Processes for creating in-workflow (Solve Loop) and value-added (Evolve Loop) content
  • How to manage a KCS adoption, avoiding mistakes others have made

Learning outcomes

  • Gain a thorough understanding of KCS Principles, Core Concepts and benefits
  • KM best practices and industry examples
  • KCS content: standards and quality
  • The structured problem solving workflow
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Performance assessment
  • Leadership strategies and change management
  • Technology requirements to enable KCS
  • A road map for KCS adoption
  • How to adopt and sustain KCS
  • How to achieve more consistent adoption of KCS throughout the organisation
  • Alignment of KCS vocabulary and understanding across distributed teams/locations
  • Clear, measurable, consistent alignment between KCS and business goals
  • KCS measures and their evolution over time

Who should attend

This course is intended for individuals who require a thorough understanding of both the KCS methodology and its adoption. This includes people who manage or advise on the adoption and continuous improvement of the KCS practices. The course is also appropriate for product managers whose products align with or enable the KCS practices.

Typical attendance includes:

  • Program and project managers for KCS adoption
  • KCS adoption team members
  • Supervisors and first- and second-line managers
  • Trainers
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Knowledge workers who aspire to be coaches or managers
  • Product managers and architects for technology and tools that enable the KCS practices

Course contents

1. What is this all about?
  • Workshop objectives
  • Business objectives
  • Support from the customer’s point of view
  • Implications of KCS in the bigger picture
  • The evolution of support
2. KCS benefits: why should we care?
  • Is there another way?
  • What’s different?
  • The KCS Practices
  • Double loop concepts and the KCS Solve and Evolve Loops
3. Process improvement
  • Understand different types of change and how it relates to KCS
  • Identify the critical success factors for successful adoption
4. Roles and responsibilities, proficiency development
  • Understand KCS license levels and roles – knowledge worker, coach, knowledge domain expert (KDE)
  • The critical role of the coach and criteria for picking coaches
5. Content is King!
  • Review the content health techniques and what needs to be in the content standard.
  • The value of context
  • Structure
  • States and lifecycle
  • Style and preferred vocabulary
  • Indicators of Content Health
  • Article Quality Index (AQI)
  • Article state transitions
  • Understand the connection between KCS roles (license levels) and article state transitions
6. Process Integration
  • Understand how we integrate use of the knowledge base
  • Indicators of health for Process Integration
7. Performance Assessment
  • How do we determine who is creating value?
  • Review the measures that are important in a KCS environment
8. Scenarios
  • Group exercise: KCS measurement scenarios, ditch avoidance, lessons learned.
9. Leadership and Communication
  • Identify the role of leaders/managers
  • Understand what motivates people
  • The power of a vision: compelling purpose, mission, values, brand promise
  • The strategic framework – link the business goals to the KCS benefits
  • Indicators of Leadership and Communication health
10. Adoption
  • Review practices for KCS adoption
  • Understand adoption waves and phases
11. The challenge of communication
  • Identify the elements of the communications plan
  • Identify audiences & key messages
  • Elevator pitch
  • Vehicles for delivery
12. What are the underlying beliefs of KCS?
  • Understand the KCS Principles and Core Concepts
13. Exam Prep Session
  • Preparing for the KCS v6 Practices Certificate Exam

Course fees

Fees Per Person

  • KCS® Knowledge Centred Service - v6 Practices (Course Only)
  • $1,450 + gst
What participants receive
  • Presentation by fully-accredited Tier 1 trainer
  • Course workbook quality printed in colour


NOTE: The KCS v6 Practices Exam is NOT included in the course fees. Participants register for the exam directly with the KCS Academy.

The KCS v6 Practices Certification is offered by the KCS Academy. The certification standards and exam are developed and maintained by a committee of members from the Consortium for Service Innovation. The KCS Academy is the certifying body for KCS as designated by the Consortium for Service Innovation (the owners of KCS).

For more information on fees and how to register for the exam please click here. 


The Consortium for Service Innovation

The Consortium is a nonprofit alliance of service and support organisations focused on innovation around customer engagement, productivity, and success.

Members create innovative operational models through a process of collective thinking and experience. The Consortium’s work integrates academic research and emerging business trends with members’ operational perspectives. The results are new strategies and models that improve the customer experience.

KCS Knowledge Centred Service is an initiative of the Consortium.